Saturday, October 21, 2017

Chand Shanbeh Ba Sina

Chand Shanbeh’ is a weekly one-hour late night comedy talk show on Farsi1 created and presented by Sina Valiollah. Each showing is centered on a particular topic, mostly related to the social and cultural nuances of the Farsi speaking population, especially Iranians. This includes people living in Iran and those residing abroad.
Through the use of YouTube clips, pictures, social media incidents, and interviews/interaction with people from the community, the topics presented will be explored and unwrapped in a light, humorous, and entertaining manner.
A central feature of the show will be dedicated to celebrity interviews. The guests will include actors, musicians, media personalities, and interesting/successful individuals. The communication with the guests will be light and up to date in regards to their activities. In addition, Sina will also have a special game planned to play with each guest.
The show will also have a special focus on music. This will include featuring new artists, songs, videos, and discussing music related news. ‘Chand Shanbe’ evenhas a resident band which plans to play different music/songs every week in order to support and promote different underground artists and bands from Iran.At the end of each episode, the theme song of the show will be played. Sina will ask viewers to download its audio file so that they can make their own music video for the two minute theme song. After receiving the clip, the best one will get selected and played at the end of the next show. The main lyrics repeated throughout the song directly translated, is: “We have to learn, not to take jokes seriously”.
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Talk Show
Fridays at 10pm